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    Nine egyptian marble cubes. Their subtle and uniform aspect is perfect in a glass of grappa.



    The cubes mesure approximatively 2x2x2 cm.



    After reception of your cubes, lay them for a few minutes in boiling water. This will sterilize them.

    After carefully drying them, place them in the pouch included in the packaging. You can then simply place them in the freezer for a few hours.

    Put the cubes in your glass and enjoy your favorite drink at the perfect temperature. After use, you only need to rince them before you place them back into the freezer.


    What is in the box?

    9 CUBES
    Made of egyptian green marble, these cubes mesure 2x2x2 cm. They are hand finished in Switzerland.

    Our pouches are made out of the best quality of Egyptian cotton. They are hand made in Egypt in fair conditions. Each pouch is checked and stamped in Switzerland.

    The packaging is made out of cardboard, entirely produced in Egypt.

    Questions and answers

    Of how many degrees do the cubes cool down the drink?

    Three cubes layed in a standard quantity of spirit cool down the drink by more or less 10 degrees, depending on the initial temperature of the liquid and the ambiant temperature.

    For how long do the cubes cool the drink?

    The cubes cool your drink for approx. 10 minutes. Just enough to enjoy your favorite spirit. The liquid then progressively returns to ambiant temperature.

    How are the cubes produced

    The cubes are cut from mishaped slabs. They are then polished without using any kind of glue or chemical product.

    How long must the cubes remain in the freezer?

    After 3 hours in the freezer, the cubes are ready for use. 

    Can the cubes scratch my glass?

    No. The hardness of minerals can be mesured with the Mohs scale. Marble is around 3 to 4 on this scale, whereas glass is between 4.8 to 6.6. Glass being harder than marble, it cannot be scratched by it. 


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